Wild Heritage focuses on delivering a healthy ‘triple bottom line’ i.e. Planet, People and Profit through its sustainability initiatives. Planet: Current efforts include energy efficiency and conservation; water efficiency and conservation; use of CNG instead of LPG; use of green building material; planting of trees and shrubs on hotel premises; building hotels in accordance with Universal Design concepts - for greater access for differently abled people and building our hotels to Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) Gold Standards.

In the medium term to long term, it aims to focus on wind power; agro power i.e. burn agricultural waste; recycled water for AC cooling tower; heat pump for energy conservation; solar photo voltaic (PV) system for lighting; extensive use of LED light fittings (post cost reduction); geothermal energy.

People: We are very focused on our culture and on keeping our people engaged. Wild Heritage Hotels has been ranked among the “Best Companies to Work for” in India for seven consecutive years from 2018 to 2020, by the Great Place to Work Institute, including in 2020 when it was ranked the fourth “Best Company to Work for” in India and was the only hotel company in the top 10.

WHH is an equal opportunity employer and actively invites job applications from people with disabilities. The company ethos is that persons with disabilities must be provided the same opportunities as others to realize their full potential. By creating an environment in the organization that allows them to deliver their best, WHH is able to play a part, however small, in social inclusiveness and nation building.

Wild Heritage has defined the goal as mainstreaming ‘ Opportunity Deprived Indians ’ i.e.

ODIs into its workforce. ODIs include:

A. Employees With Disability (EWDs):

Physical Disability

  • Speech and Hearing Impaired (SHI)
  • Orthopedically Handicapped (OH)
  • Acid Survivors (AS)
  • Going forward, also Visually Impaired (VI), Low Vision (LV)

Intellectual Disability

  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism

Profit: We endeavour to being best-in-class in our cost structure, both in building and operatinghotels. In an attempt to offer the best Return on Capital Employed to our investors, over the long